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Can a dog with thick hair have the hair thinned like a human's hair can be?

I don't want to shave my dog because it affects their natural cool/heating system. Looking for alternatives.

ASKED BY Member 1126526 on 5/27/13
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Stella Mae

My puppies hair looks like it is thinning on her head and back?

It looks like it is parted and you can see her skin. I'm not sure if its the way that it is laying or if her hair is thinning. Please help!

ASKED BY Stella Mae on 1/13/10
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Thinning Min Pin?

I own an 18 month old Min Pin who we recently starting taking to the beach to run. He has what we call doggie ADD, he cannot sit still for the life of…

ASKED BY Member 815595 on 3/14/09
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