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Two service dogs?

have a service dog. She is small and is trained to mitigate some of my PTSD situations and hallucinations. However, It is very helpful to have some…

ASKED BY Member 1227233 on 5/17/14
TAGGED ptsd, therapydog, servicedog, twoservicedogs, training IN Service & Therapy Dogs


Are there any physical therapy exercises/stretches or supplements that would help a compressed disc at L1?

I recently found out my Alaskan husky (7yo) has a compressed disc at L1. It does not cause any functional limitations and is only occasionally…

ASKED BY Banshee on 2/11/13
TAGGED compresseddisc, spine, injury, physicaltherapy, supplements IN Alternative Treatments

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I'm thinking of getting a therapy dog but I don't know what to do?

I am hoping to get a rescue dog and then train it to be a therapy dog. I have ADD and have panic attacks when in school and in certain social…

ASKED BY Member 1146362 on 12/23/12
TAGGED therapy, breeds, training IN Laws & Legislation


I want to get into therapy work with my dog, but first i need some help?

Ok, i did do some research, and i found out that we need to get the CGC out of the way first. i dont have the money for it, however, and i was…

ASKED BY Rocket on 12/14/12
TAGGED needhelpandguidencewiththerapywok IN Laws & Legislation

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