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Im looking at getting a lhasa apso but just wondered if anyone had any tips/suggestions/warnings on this breed. Thankyou?

I have moved out with my partner and we have both grown up with dogs so it feels very odd living without. I think the lhasa apso is adorable but have…

ASKED BY Member 1173093 on 6/1/13
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I just adopted a 12 week old husky/collie. She is sometimes playful but mostly sleeps all day nothing seems to phase her?

I'm just curious to know if shes possibly sleeping so much because of the antibiotics that she's on for kennel cough or maybe huskys are just mello…

ASKED BY Member 1081523 on 1/2/12
TAGGED huskies, collies, temperment, kennelcough IN Other Health & Wellness

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I have a 1 yr old weimaraner with tons of energy. I want to get her a friend. when is the right time?

I want a good positive experience. Is it too soon to bring a puppy in as our weimaraner is just a year old? She has enormous energy.

ASKED BY Member 1069131 on 11/7/11
TAGGED socialize, temperment, highenergy, companion IN Behavior & Training


What breed do you think I am? Trying to prepare our home and need some advice/thoughts?

This is Axl, he is 8 weeks/weighs 11 lbs. We know he is part american pit, & we were told he is part mastiff. Just want some opinions on what you guys…

ASKED BY Axl on 4/14/11
TAGGED mastiff, breed, temperment, puppy IN Mixed Breeds

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I have 8-yr old male great pyrenees. He growls at my husband and son. I am the one to feed him. Should I put him down?

We have had this dog since he was a puppy. I am afraid to give him to someone else because of what he may do. Should I have him put down? Too big…

ASKED BY Member 962754 on 2/11/10
TAGGED greatpyrenees, temperment, age IN Behavior & Training

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