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My dog has been getting very upset by the tv?

Hi my dog has been going nuts when the tv is on lately and I'm not sure what to do. I've heard of dogs watching other dogs and getting used to it…

ASKED BY Member 1125712 on 8/14/12
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New Television Show - My Dog Ate What?!? Looking for stories of dogs who survived ingesting amazing things?

Did your beloved dog shock and scare you when he ate the craziest thing? Are you a vet who has saved the life of a dog in such a circumstance? We want…

ASKED BY Member 926910 on 12/3/09
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Mollie got her wings 9-28-09

Has anyone seen the new "Echo" Pedigree ad?

Has anyone seen the new ad for Pedigree Adoptions? It features a Golden Retriever mix who is in a pound. His ears go up. He watches a family…

ASKED BY Mollie got her wings 9-28-09 on 1/25/08
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