Loki (Taz)

Brown teeth.... Old age, bad diet, or genetic problem?

I've only had Loki a few months. The shelter said he was 10months, but when I brought him home I noticed his teeth (all but the front ones) had…

ASKED BY Loki (Taz) on 9/23/13
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2yr old dog has bad Tartar problem. Suggestions?

I have a 2yr old Maltipoo that went for his shots, and came out with a diagnosis of a bad tartar problem. Apparently this is rare at such a young…

ASKED BY Bubba on 12/29/08
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Duke CGC

I have brown stuff on my teeth, and I can`t get it off. What is it?

I have brown stuff on my teeth, and when my mommy brushes them it does not come off. What is it? Is it serious?

ASKED BY Duke CGC on 3/30/08
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