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Why is my dog getting more and more protective of me with other dogs?

I adopted my dog a year ago and he is now a year and five months. He was the runt of his litter but he has grown into a very tall 80+lb pup. He has…

ASKED BY Member 1227417 on 5/22/14
TAGGED protective, puppy, shepherd, stalking, snapping, growling, circling, behavior IN Aggression

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How do i show my chihuahua girl puppy that I'm the boss? and stop her 'talking back'?

She's very good and we're clicker training and she's learning fast, but sometimes barks at me to demand rewards. We're understanding one another fine…

ASKED BY Member 1109335 on 5/5/12
TAGGED chihuahuatalkingback IN Commands

Balto  - Retired SD/ESA

How to remove a forum topic posted by someone else almost 1 year ago off of one of your dog's profile pages?

I posted in an "ONqSiberians" forum almost a year ago and the link to it, permenently showed up on my semi-retired service dog's profile page under…

ASKED BY Balto - Retired SD/ESA on 3/9/12
TAGGED onqsiberiansbreedsandtrainshuskiesforservicedogworkandtheytalkedaboutsomeoneintheusagettingaservicedogfromthem IN Bringing Your Pet Home

The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC)

I need a picture to be made,Please?

I need one of my pictures to be doctered to make me look like a pirate. I need it for "Talk Like A Pirate" day. Please help me! any one of my pics…

ASKED BY The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on 9/8/10
TAGGED need, pic, to, be, made, to, make, me, look, like, a, pirate, for, talklikeapirate, day IN Pet Page


How do I get our german shepherd/coyote mix to stop stalking my Red Heeler/Boxer Mix and trying to kill her?? PLS HELP?

We have had them separated for the past 4 years (Molley is my dog the Red Heeler mix and Cricket my dad's dog the German Shepherd mix) Molley is 7 and…

ASKED BY Zeus on 4/15/10
TAGGED kill, stalking IN Aggression

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Ms Kimi is very vocal, barking and talking. How can I stop her from barking and howling when we come home. She jumps too?

She is always talking to us and when we go out or come home she barks and starts the other babies off. She jumps up and gets so excited when we…

ASKED BY Member 958937 on 2/6/10
TAGGED barkingandtalking IN Behavior & Training

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What does it mean to have a timeout and how long does it last?

how long does it last to have a timeout and what is a timeout.and is a timeout like a server problem with this site.or something.and how can you get…

ASKED BY Member 824516 on 4/21/09
TAGGED icanttalktomypuppalswhatisatimeout IN My Account

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