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Raw feeding + questions - Thread 1 of 2?

I have scrolled through the pages & have been unsuccessful at finding the answers to a few questions. 1) needing to integrate a variety of raw…

ASKED BY Member 1080545 on 12/29/11
TAGGED rawfood, garlic, grains, brownrice, barley, wheretobuyrawfood, vegetables, rosemary, veggies IN Food & Nutrition

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Is it okay to be a little mad when my friends feed my dog food from the table?

I am against feeding Shadow from the table. I always have been so my mom doesn't get mad at him for begging. I have never fed Shadow from the table. I…

ASKED BY Member 1004976 on 11/9/11
TAGGED shadow, tables, food, mad, toxic, cholate IN House Soiling

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My dog is difficult to feed. He likes one type of food sometimes. He will not eat any dried biscuits only lamb's meat?

My dog will only eat lamb's meat no chicken necks or wings. He will eat My Dog sometimes but no vegetables at all. When he stays at my daughter's…

ASKED BY Member 1066317 on 10/25/11
TAGGED foodchickenlambsmeatdryfoodvegetables IN Pet Food

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My dog has been peeing in his water bowl. Please help me?

My 17 month old chihuahua Jack has never been house broken, but he pees outside.But, he doesn't just pee on the grass, but lawn chairs, picnic tables…

ASKED BY Member 1040253 on 7/9/11
TAGGED water, bowl, pees, poops, poop, pee, chihuahua, run, around, lawn, chairs, picnic, tables IN Behavior & Training

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My chihuahua woke me up at 4 am with her face and eyes all swollen. Now she she licks the floor and vomits.Whats happen?

My chihuahua woke me up at 4 am with her face, eyes and throat swollen. She looked like a georgia bulldog. She was fine when we went to bed at 12:00…

ASKED BY Member 808811 on 2/25/09
TAGGED ibathheronceaweekcarrotsaretheonlytreetsotherthantablescrapswhileweeat IN Illness & Disease

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I need a list of fruits and veggies my dogs can eat. Thank You?

I can find lists of foods bad for dogs, but not for foods good for them. Thank You.

ASKED BY Member 537957 on 11/28/07
TAGGED fruits, vegetables, spices, meats IN Homemade Food

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