Our Great Dane has had swelling on one side of his face three times in less than two years? Anyone ever experience this?

Almost two years ago I noticed that our Great Dane had swelling on one half of his head and his eye was swollen shut. The vet said that most likely he…

ASKED BY Tiger on 3/18/14
TAGGED greatdane, dane, sick, lump, swelling, puss IN Health & Wellness


My dog has a swollen lip on the right lower side?

I don't know what happened. I can't take him to the vet and just want to know how to get the swelling down. I'm really worried about him!

ASKED BY Pal on 9/17/13
TAGGED swelling, swollenlip, help, health IN Other Health & Wellness

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Swollen eye has become lumpy raw skin?

My two year old boxweiler had a swollen eye this afternoon. He's quite clumsy and often bumps into things so I assumed it was a normal knock. Over the…

ASKED BY Member 1143357 on 12/2/12
TAGGED swelling, itchingskin IN Health & Wellness

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My dog is having an allergic reaction to her distemper vaccine. What should I do?

My dog just got her distemper vaccine today. We gave her 12.5mg of benadryl at 3 and she got her shot at 3:30. She was fine all day until about 5 when…

ASKED BY Member 1127228 on 8/23/12
TAGGED distemper, swelling, benadryl IN Allergies

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My dog's leg got swollen overnight. Should I go to the vet?

He's 8 years old and a little overweight. He has been limping slightly yesterday but today it's been really hard for him to walk around like he…

ASKED BY Member 1115543 on 6/13/12
TAGGED health, injury, seniorpet, swollenleg, swelling, walking IN Emergencies & First Aid


What is my 9 week pitbull allergic to?

Yesterday we had to make 2 different trips to the vet/hospital because he was having allergic reactions to something (face swelled up like crazy…

ASKED BY Tyson on 4/13/12
TAGGED puppy, allergies, swelling IN Allergies

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Dog got bit and the cut is now filling with fluid?

My 3 year old lab got into a fight with one of my other dogs last week and it left him with an open wound in the middle of his head. I cleaned it…

ASKED BY Member 1104664 on 4/7/12
TAGGED bite, swelling, wound, fluid IN Health & Wellness

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