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Newly developed sweet spots. When we rub or scratch behind shoulder blades, he tenses up. Any thoughts?

We've had our German Shepherd/Pit mix for about 8 months now and just in the last week Ive noticed that he reacts to areas I call "sweet spots" behind…

ASKED BY Member 1203465 on 12/9/13
TAGGED sweetspot, itchy, scratching IN Skin Problems

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Why is my runt pitbull puppy's ears SO pointy? i thought pitbulls had floppy ears? Is she full pit?

I purchased a pitbull puppy about a week ago. she is almost 8 weeks. She was the runt, but she is perfect. She is very very very small, 3 times…

ASKED BY Member 1202715 on 12/4/13
TAGGED puppy, pit, pitbull, floppy, ears, pointy, cute, sweet, breed, mix IN Puppies

Mae Mae

Abused Dog?

Late May of this year, I adopted a beautiful Shar-Pei/ Black Lab mix. However, she had spent the first 8 years of her life in the home of an abusive…

ASKED BY Mae Mae on 8/14/13
TAGGED abused, abuse, dog, black, lab, sharpei, shar, pei, sweet, scared, shy, skittish, skiddish, love IN Fears & Phobias


My dog picks a random object and starts to growling to everyone and even bit! What can I do? What he trying to say?

He has 2yeas old. he's super sweet, knows how to play, obeys to basic orders, brand diet, goes for a walk 3 days minimum... Out of no where, he picks…

ASKED BY Côco on 7/22/13
TAGGED play, growling, growl, aggressive, sweet, bit, chewing, branddiet, sock, towel IN Behavior & Training

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I need help with a dog that is scared of cars and water immediatly?

My dog is an Australian Shepherd. She is two years old. I love her to death. We just got her last week. My dad uses her for his work. Thing is, she is…

ASKED BY Member 1133918 on 10/2/12
TAGGED water, cars, help, please, love, behavior, sweet IN Behavior & Training

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Small Sweet Stray Dog Needs Help: Does someone need a companion dog?

This morning, after the storm, I found a small dog that appears to have been abandoned. The dog is about the size of a terrier and seems to be very…

ASKED BY Member 1101131 on 3/20/12
TAGGED nodogtags, stray, sweet, bath, please, small, gentle, highlyadoptable, idealcompanion IN Shelters & Rescue

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How to stop vicious behavior, calm down my dog?

My dog will almost always behave, and is normally playful or calm. But when it comes to picking him up for a bath, or feeding him, he will become…

ASKED BY Member 1078351 on 12/18/11
TAGGED dog, behaviorproblems, sweettempered, thensuddenlyvicious, angry, welshcorgi IN Behavior & Training

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I need help! Mix breed cutie?

I need help! what is my puppy mixed with!! The guy at the pet shop said she is a boxer mix. she is about 10 weeks old and she is a bit obese here…

ASKED BY Member 1034050 on 5/16/11
TAGGED boxer, puppy, fat, cute, sweet, shirt IN Puppies

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