Are there any physical therapy exercises/stretches or supplements that would help a compressed disc at L1?

I recently found out my Alaskan husky (7yo) has a compressed disc at L1. It does not cause any functional limitations and is only occasionally…

ASKED BY Banshee on 2/11/13
TAGGED compresseddisc, spine, injury, physicaltherapy, supplements IN Alternative Treatments


Pitbull puppy has chronic pudding consistency diarrhea?

I've been to the vet several times and mom has asked her several questions. I've been treated for parasites (dewormed) and this is a problem that I've…

ASKED BY Honey on 10/28/12
TAGGED diarrhea, pudding, puppy, pitbull, bluenose, allergies, sensitivity, sensitivities, commercialdiet, sciencediet, bluebuffalo, blue, worms, deworming, probiotics, probiotic, supplements IN Other Health & Wellness

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I have a 14yo Husky mix who had dental surgery a few months ago. Since then her appetite has diminished & she looks thin?

When she eats, she eats well but she will go a day or so & not eat or just nibble. Otherwise she is healthy, plays and "acts normal". Is there…

ASKED BY Member 1126614 on 8/20/12
TAGGED supplements IN Other Health & Wellness


Do they sell Megaderm in the US? If not, what is the next best option?

I usually use Megaderm for my dogs but I cannot find it in the US. (Megaderm is an oral nutritional supplement for dogs and cats providing the…

ASKED BY Astro on 2/24/12
TAGGED allergies, skin, sensitive, itching, inflamed, nutrition, vitamins, supplements, oral, food IN Vitamin Supplements

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Raw feeding + questions - 2 of 2?

...filler. It seems to slow down their metabolism & they're not as hungry throughout the day. Yea? Nay? 4) I've given them venison and though they…

ASKED BY Member 1080545 on 12/29/11
TAGGED pork, venison, deer, pig, filler, brownrice, barley, supplements, nuvet, kentucky IN Food & Nutrition

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Should a duchshaund be given cheese to eat?

This dog is three years old, has recently been given cheese and within the last three weeks has developed bad breath, which he never has had…

ASKED BY Member 1061462 on 10/5/11
TAGGED food, health, supplements IN Food & Nutrition

Tritan Bear

Does anyone have a Great Joint Supplement to recommend?

I have a 6 year old Labrador Retriever who has Arthritis in his knees. One knee had the TTA procedure and the other knee I healed naturally. Both were…

ASKED BY Tritan Bear on 6/13/11
TAGGED arthritis, supplements IN Arthritis

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