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Should I sue my vet?

My 6 month-old french bulldog went in for routine soft palate recision, stenotic nare and neutering surgery. I discussed with the vet prior to the…

ASKED BY Member 1245040 on 4/12/15
TAGGED vet, law, sue, practice, soft IN Laws & Legislation

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Is anyone having trouble posting on the forums? It says I have to create a profile for my dog, but I've already done tha?

Is anyone having trouble posting on the forums? It says I have to create a profile for my dog, but I've already done that. Nonetheless, I tried to…

ASKED BY Member 1243953 on 3/18/15
TAGGED dogster, server, profile, issue IN The Dogster Website

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Sudden bald spot on my dog?

PUZZLED! I was petting my Jack/Rat earlier in the day and noticed two small rasied patches of skin under her fur, one on her chest and one on her back…

ASKED BY Member 1242846 on 2/23/15
TAGGED skin, redpatch, skinissue, baldpatch IN Health & Wellness

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How do I get my 7 months old American Eskimo female to like me and people in general. She's not very friendly. Help?

I have a 3 years old American eskimo male, and a 7 months old female whom we got when she was 2 months old. the male is the most lovable dog you'll…

ASKED BY Member 1241572 on 1/28/15
TAGGED americaneskimo, eskie, female, behaviorissues, americaneskimobehavior IN Behavior & Training


Health of Breezer?

My 4 month old Golden retriever puppy looks little skiny. I have increased his diet but he just doesn't seem to gain weight. He is very active and…

ASKED BY Daisy on 8/15/14
TAGGED weightissue IN Other Health & Wellness

R.I.P. ~Pebbles ~WE MISS YOU!

Has Dogster been recently sold,under construction or going down it's like it's gone bananas lately?

Suddenly I get logged into other members accounts,get website not found errors a lot & can't log out even at times.I'm really wondering what's up with…

ASKED BY R.I.P. ~Pebbles ~WE MISS YOU! on 4/22/14
TAGGED technicalissues IN My Account


My 8 week old Alaskan Klee Kai puppy?

Hi! We have just been lucky enough to get the 19th Alaskan Klee Kai here in Australia. He is an amazing dog, very smart, has learned to pee on his…

ASKED BY Conan on 3/6/14
TAGGED puppy, toilettraining, socialization, barking, separationissues IN Barking

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Psycho Yorkie?! Need training advice ASAP?

My mom gave me her 8 year old Yorkie since she is traveling so much and can no longer care for her. She only knows the commands "sit" and "stay". I am…

ASKED BY Member 1194712 on 10/16/13
TAGGED anxiousbehavior, pacing, leashpulling, behaviorissues IN Other Behavior & Training

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