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Stubborn but otherwise well behaved middle aged dog, should I be concerned?

I've only recently noticed this, but my dog has a tendency to be very stubborn(I think it's coming with her aging). I've never addressed it because…

ASKED BY Laika on 6/4/13
TAGGED stubborn, newbehavior IN Other Behavior & Training


I have a dog that has a hard time learning tricks?

My dog is very stubborn. When I try teaching him a new trick he gets frustrated with me and moans and groans. If he just gets what I am trying to tell…

ASKED BY Caspian on 5/15/13
TAGGED stubborn, dog, training IN Commands


I have a 3 month old Siberian husky that poops and pees everywhere?

I recently got a husky and she just turned 3. I've tried to potty train her but she seems really stubborn. I talked to an employee at petco and she…

ASKED BY Tasha on 2/26/13
TAGGED poop, pee, cratetraining, husky, puppy, stubborn, rebellious IN Behavior & Training

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My dog won't eat her food off the floor when she knocks her bowl over. How do I correct this behavior?

My dog and I are in a standoff. She is a 6 yr old American bulldog however she is not aggressive. She is trained and understands most basic commands…

ASKED BY Member 1151941 on 1/25/13
TAGGED clean, home, food, eating, commands, stubborn, disobedient, training IN Other Behavior & Training

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My 2yrold Dog eats cat poop from the cat litter, won't go potty outside on her own & how can I stop her from doing this?

My Pug wouldn't stop eating cat poop from the litter. She would sneak if I wasn't looking at her. Also I tried to slap her nose and it never works…

ASKED BY Member 1147770 on 1/2/13
TAGGED dog, potty, pee, cat, poop, litter, stubborn IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Poodle Promises?

I've loved Standard Poodles for a very long time, admiring their intelligence, grace, and looks. I love that they are good with small children, as I…

ASKED BY Molly on 8/24/12
TAGGED help, mom, stubborn, standardpoodle, molly, walk, kennel IN Standard Poodle

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How to train a difficult dog?

We just adopted Tamel over a month ago. She's an 8 month old Australian cattle dog and Doberman mix. When we started training her I used a "hands…

ASKED BY Member 1115699 on 7/3/12
TAGGED peeing, stubborn, training, treats, clicker, cattledog, doberman IN Methods of Training

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How Can I Convince My Mother To Get A Second Dog?

Well, I've always wanted a dog of my own, and we already have a family dog named Molly, a little Cairn Terrier/Lhasa Apso. I really want a Native…

ASKED BY Member 1106942 on 4/21/12
TAGGED wolf, dog, nativeamericanindiandog, convince, stubborn IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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