What's a good harness for a determined dog?

The quick version is that Asta can remove a harness with one bite. It looks like the strap was cut by a knife the tear is so clean. We only put the…

ASKED BY Asta on 3/11/15
TAGGED leash, harness, fence, escape, strongteeth, outdoor, exercise IN Other Behavior & Training

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I would love to walk my son's bullmastiff, but am nearing my 70's & know he's too strong, would a prong collar help?

I often babysit my son's dog and kids & would love to go walking. Lemmy is strong and loves people & other animals and restraining him is difficult…

ASKED BY Member 1196618 on 10/28/13
TAGGED bullmastiff, walking, toostrong IN Leash Walking

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Are all pit bulls strong and muscular?

Some people I know like pitbulls, but wouldn't get one because they are strong and muscular. Are they all like that? plz help!

ASKED BY Member 1166765 on 5/2/13
TAGGED strong, muscularbreed IN American Pit Bull Terrier


What breeds are powerful chewers?

What breeds have the most powerful jaw/chewing drive? I have a mixed breed puppy who takes down anything we give him. In the last month he's gone…

ASKED BY Owen on 11/30/10
TAGGED strongchewer, puppy, nylabone IN Pet Products


How would a flexi leash work with a strong puller?

I'm not planning on using a flexi leash, I'm just curious. Sprite is quite the puller, and the flexi leashes seem flimsy. Thanks :)

ASKED BY Sprite on 9/18/10
TAGGED flexi, leash, strong, puller IN Collars & Leashes

The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC)

What is a good toy for a dog with a VERY strong jaw?

Silvia has pit in her which makes her have a VERY powerful jaw. Is there a toy out there that she absolutely can't destroy?

ASKED BY The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on 7/2/10
TAGGED strong, jaw, sturdytoy IN Toys

 Lucy T.

My Beagle/Basset chews and eats her toys...? Please Help?

My Beagle/Basset loves to chew anything really and if we don't stop her, tear the toy apart and try to eat it it seems like. I don't know what kind of…

ASKED BY Lucy T. on 12/6/09
TAGGED chew, toys, strong, digestive, beagle, basset, choke, weak, worry, puppy, play IN Other Health & Wellness


What are some good strong dog collars?

What are some good strong dog collars. My boys have gone through quite a few dog collars and so i am looking for some that have a buckle or a metal…

ASKED BY Diesel on 11/12/09
TAGGED strongdogcollars IN Collars & Leashes

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