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What type of breed does this dog resemble?

He has a lot of characteristics of a whippet but hes smaller and his ears are erect not rose ears. If you can also try to see how old he is. He has…

ASKED BY Member 1239302 on 12/19/14
TAGGED breed, whippet, chihuahua, puppy, white, stray, unknownage, unknownbreed, nameidead IN Breeds


Small Stray Dog Nutrition?

We were just unexpectedly adopted by a stray. He appears to be some sort of yorkie-havanese mix, but he's pretty skinny and dirty so I'm not sure…

ASKED BY Axl on 12/18/13
TAGGED food, stray, weightgain IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Possible stray dog or possibly animal cruelty?

There's this dog I saw walking home from school He was outside under a van. He has food and water but I don't know if the person is the owner. The dog…

ASKED BY Member 1188822 on 9/6/13
TAGGED stray, animalcruelty, skinny, sick IN Health & Wellness

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If dogs in their fenced area kill a stray dog are there legal ramifications for the owner of the fenced dogs?

Happened in Colorado. Stray got through the fence in the middle of private property. Stray dog had internal injuries only which resulted in death.

ASKED BY Member 1172107 on 5/26/13
TAGGED stray, tresspass, kill, liability, colorado IN Animal Control


My stray rescue is afraid of being cornered?

I rescued my dog from the streets about 6 months ago. He is a good dog except for when I need to put him somewhere (the kitchen or outside). I know he…

ASKED BY Jasper on 2/15/13
TAGGED come, stray, skitish IN Behavior & Training


Found a stray dog outside…

I found a stray dog outside a few days ago in a friends neighborhood, It was sleeping in the woods in rain&30 degree weather. I look for him three…

ASKED BY Tyson on 1/25/13
TAGGED stray IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Took in stray nursing mom and desperately need advise?

Hi All, im an expat working in Iraq, today i found a stray dog nursing her 4 puppies and couldn't leave her on the street like that. i took her…

ASKED BY Member 1126158 on 8/17/12
TAGGED feeding, puppies, nursing, momfeeding, dogfood, puppyfood, healthissues, rescuedastray, straydog IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Small Sweet Stray Dog Needs Help: Does someone need a companion dog?

This morning, after the storm, I found a small dog that appears to have been abandoned. The dog is about the size of a terrier and seems to be very…

ASKED BY Member 1101131 on 3/20/12
TAGGED nodogtags, stray, sweet, bath, please, small, gentle, highlyadoptable, idealcompanion IN Shelters & Rescue

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