Questions about my bullmastiff puppy?

I want to make sure my boy is healthy, and am not quite sure as I have never before owned a bullmastiff, I have an appointment with his vet next week…

ASKED BY Stiffler on 2/26/14
TAGGED bullmastiff, puppy, development IN Puppies

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I would love to walk my son's bullmastiff, but am nearing my 70's & know he's too strong, would a prong collar help?

I often babysit my son's dog and kids & would love to go walking. Lemmy is strong and loves people & other animals and restraining him is difficult…

ASKED BY Member 1196618 on 10/28/13
TAGGED bullmastiff, walking, toostrong IN Leash Walking

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My dog fell about a month ago suddenly when he tried to sprint and could'nt walk and his front legs were stiff as sticks?

He is 3 years old mixed Labrador, he' small and has white eyes. After the incident he tried to walk but kept falling over and it about 2 days to…

ASKED BY Member 1195926 on 10/24/13
TAGGED legs, stiff, fall, walk, pain, unknownproblem IN Health & Wellness

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My 2 Dogs Play Fight Constantly (One puppy is new, other is over a year - boy and girl)?

Hi, I have 2 dogs, a Victorian Bulldog (1yr 4months, female) and a new puppy I bought 3 days ago, who's a Bullmastiff (male, 14 weeks old). They…

ASKED BY Member 1194688 on 10/16/13
TAGGED bullmastiff, bulldog, playfighting, snapping IN Other Behavior & Training


6 yr old male pug in pain?

6 yr old male pug experiencing stiffness unwilling to jump up or down, cant pass my hand by his left eye without him flinching, he yips or whimpers…

ASKED BY Jabba on 7/27/13
TAGGED pug, male, pain, stiff, headshake, yip, eye IN Other Health & Wellness


5.5 month old Bullmastiff peeing & pooing in cage & house?

I have a 5 almost 6 month Bullmastiff that refuses to be potty trained. We take him out to potty 4-6 times a day. When we bring him in, he will go…

ASKED BY Dozer on 5/18/13
TAGGED cratetraining, bullmastiff, poopinginhouse, pottytraining IN House Soiling

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My dog refuses to go on walks, to the point we have to carry her. Help?

We got her from family friends who have taken care of a lot of dogs/puppies. When we got her they said she knew simple commands, and leash walked very…

ASKED BY Member 1135986 on 10/15/12
TAGGED englishmastiff, leashwalking, refuses, to, walk IN Leash Walking

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