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I have a 7 year old male American staffordshire. We frequent an off leash dog park. Today was our first day at 16 F?

I have a 7 year old male American staffordshire that we rescued 5 months ago. We frequent an off leash dog park with success. Today, with snow and…

ASKED BY Member 1147148 on 12/29/12
TAGGED americanstaffordshire, suddenaggression, agingdogs IN Behavior & Training

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Brought a pup as a staff, now been told otherwise, she's 11 weeks old so may be hard to tell, could someone let me know?

More pics of the "staff" I brought Again for people that haven't read my previous questions, she was brought as a staff, now been told diffrent…

ASKED BY Member 1142284 on 11/25/12
TAGGED breed, staff, pitbull, puppy, whatisshe IN Breeds


What cross breed is my Stafie?

Well I have allways had in mind that my 4 year old stfford Spike was quarter Jack russle where as and owner of my dogs brother thinks they have fox…

ASKED BY Spike on 10/22/12
TAGGED staffiebreedhelpfoxterrierjackrussle IN Breeds


Why are so many ppl ignorant and ignore the truth about Pits...they judge their skin before even seeing their character?

I am a proud owner of a Red/Blue Nose pit, Rastas who happens also to be my Service Dog companion...and I just want to know why all these idiots still…

ASKED BY Rastas on 10/11/12
TAGGED pitbulls, americanpitbull, americanstaffordshireterrier, bullbreeds, legislation IN Breeds

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Why does my dog keep drinking my dressed 10 year old bitches urine and foam at the mouth?

I have a 10 year old dressed bitch, and a 4 year old dog. They are both Staffordshire terriers. My dog keeps drinking her urine every time she goes to…

ASKED BY Member 1109629 on 5/7/12
TAGGED staffy, urine, licking, foaming IN Other Health & Wellness

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