Are there any physical therapy exercises/stretches or supplements that would help a compressed disc at L1?

I recently found out my Alaskan husky (7yo) has a compressed disc at L1. It does not cause any functional limitations and is only occasionally…

ASKED BY Banshee on 2/11/13
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Jake Earned his wings 10.02.15

Dog was diagnosed with diskospondylitis- help?

My boy, Jake a 2-3 year old Beagle was diagnosed tonight by an emergency veterinarian to be suffering from diskospondylitis. He informed me it was due…

ASKED BY Jake Earned his wings 10.02.15 on 11/11/11
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My chihuahua pup was born with cherry eyes, curved spine and flared ribs, and acts like a 2 month old pup.what is this?

I have talked to vets and they only want to treat eyes. i am looking for a cause or genetic desease to put on her disorders.

ASKED BY Member 1029229 on 4/3/11
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I have a 2 year old Min Pin. Is it normal to be able to feel his spine?

This is the first miniature pinscher I have have. The other dog I have is a Manchester Terrier. My Min pin is only two. I noticed I can feel his…

ASKED BY Buster on 11/15/09
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How do I make friends on this site?

Someone who lives near me answered one of my questions. How does friendship work on this site? I want to invite her to be friends.

ASKED BY Member 873458 on 9/16/09
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My dog may have a spinal disease but I'm not sure. What specialist can I go to and can this be fixed?

My dalmatian Alexis was a rescue dog and we don't know how old she is. About 1.5 years ago she started walking funny and we were told that it may…

ASKED BY Member 808671 on 2/25/09
TAGGED spine IN Illness & Disease

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