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When is the best age to spay my Collie?

My Rough Collie is 10 months old and she is in heat for the first time, when would be a good time to spay her in the future?, I have not seen a vet…

ASKED BY Member 1239718 on 12/28/14
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Should I get my 12 year old shihtzu spayed?

She has mammary tumors, they arent dangerous, if anything theyre more like fatty bumps and they arent in her lungs or around her heart. Shes 12…

ASKED BY Princess on 4/24/13
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I have a 4 year old bitch Cocker spaniel. She has had 2litters a breeder. When is the right time for her to be spayed?

English Cocker. I was told by the breeder that she was last in season about 4 months ago, but she has now just started another season. I am ignorant…

ASKED BY Member 1148724 on 1/7/13
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Stitches that did not dissolve?

My 7 month old dog/puppy was spayed in early September and on the inside they were supposed to dissolve after a week or so. When petting her belly…

ASKED BY Jasmine on 10/23/12
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As dogs get older do they require more attention and responsibility, other than yearly check ups etc.…

My dog is a Jack Russell Terrier Female 8 years of age. Also she is not fixed either. she gets fed a lot of balogna, hot dog chunks, really anything…

ASKED BY Member 1128008 on 8/28/12
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Why is my dog limping after getting spayed?

I got my 9 month old Chihuahua spayed last Tuesday (march 6th) and once she started getting up and around the next day or two, I noticed that she will…

ASKED BY Member 1099003 on 3/11/12
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How to tell if my dog has had her first heat?

she is 9mth old and a cross between german shepard and golden retriever. I am being forced into having her spayed but i want to wait untill she has…

ASKED BY Zoey on 2/7/12
TAGGED heat, spaying IN Health & Safety

Dee Dee, the sweet P

I'm Dee Dee,Great Pyrenees. Got spayed Friday-How do I handle my feelings now? I sure feel different, but don't know why?

Really want to meet other Pyrs. I'm silly and smart and stubborn. I just got a drafting cart and mom is getting me goats this week! YEAH!!!She says…

ASKED BY Dee Dee, the sweet P on 5/8/11
TAGGED greatpyrenees, spaying, beingateenagepuppy IN Health & Wellness

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