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Puppy has diarrhea, tips to do before going to vet?

Hello, I have recently received a puppy that's about a 10 weeks and isn't eating the food the previous owner had provided us. I believe he has…

ASKED BY Member 1228250 on 6/7/14
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Hello my fellow Dogster friends, does anyone have any 100% solutions to not have your homes smelling like a dog lives th?

Hello, my fellow Dogsters friends, I have a puppy, of course...and I'm concern about odor. I get a little self-conscious wondering it. Because…

ASKED BY Member 1079495 on 12/27/11
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I am fostering a female 8mn chihuahua. she was born w/a bad tear duct so her eye get crusty. how do i help keep it clean?

shes very friendly and very hands on. but she is SO squiggly and feisty that i dont want to hurt her when trying to clean the crust out of her one…

ASKED BY mystic on 7/18/10
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My 10 month old pit bull has huge open sores that are bleeding badly. And worms that are fat white not that long. What i?

It is getting worse and i have no money to take her to the vet. But I need help to figure out what to do for her

ASKED BY Member 742353 on 9/25/08
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What are the true signs of separation anxiety with destruction and how can it be treated?

We believe our Oldest Dog has separation anxiety. When we first got her at 8 wks we started to crate train her but she never stopped digging at the…

ASKED BY Lola on 4/14/08
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