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Toy poodle having wheezing and no appetite?

I have a toy poodle male six yrs old he has been wheezing I took him to vet cost 250 sent me home with medicine suppose to be better by 5th. By 5th…

ASKED BY Member 1248646 on 6/28/15
TAGGED wheezing, lossofappetite IN Other Health & Wellness

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How do I help my lab after all her puppies died?

My beautiful lab gave birth to 3 puppies, 1 was born deformed(it was a still born) and the other two were healthy. However the other puppies too died…

ASKED BY Member 1237573 on 11/17/14
TAGGED depression, lossofpuppies, lossofappetite, aggression IN Health & Wellness

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I have a 1 year old French Bulldog, when I leave the house to go to work he ends up destroying the sofa?

Is there any suggestions that could help us to get him out of this habit?! We have tried covering the sofa etc but he digs the blankets etc out of the…

ASKED BY Member 1202809 on 12/5/13
TAGGED separation, chewing, digging, sofa, furniture, homealone IN Separation Anxiety

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I am trying to locate pet protectors for a sectional and can only find them for regular sofas and chairs. Ideas?

I have a new sectional and do not need individual covers for each cushion but rather a large cover that is made for a sectional and one that can be…

ASKED BY Member 1198729 on 11/10/13
TAGGED sofacovers IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Do you let your dog on your sofa ?

I just got new dog 3 days ago and my mom doesnt like it when she gets on the sofa because my sofa is like a clothe type and my mom says the smell…

ASKED BY Minnie on 1/2/13
TAGGED dogonsofa IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My PITBULL is dying??? Need answers. Lethargic, sleeps constantly, eats very little. Drinks even less. Spasms etc..…

Approx. 5 yrs old. When we rescued him 2 1/2 yrs ago he weighed 109lbs, now 62 lbs. Have had him to the vet every other week for a year. Out of money…

ASKED BY Member 1130457 on 9/12/12
TAGGED spasms, lossofappetite, sleep, runnystool IN Other Health & Wellness

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I had 2 dogs 1 past away i get my husky another pal?

i just lost my sherpard mix :( "Cedar" my siberian husky seems alone. should i replace my lost dog or just give lots love to my husky his name…

ASKED BY Member 1089957 on 2/5/12
TAGGED lossofadog IN Health & Wellness

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Intermittent lameness hind legs and sudden loss of appetite. Been to several vets. They have no idea. Anyone?

My 12 year old Pekingese has had intermittent lameness in his hind legs for the last eight weeks. The episodes come and go in about two minutes. In…

ASKED BY Member 1021054 on 2/6/11
TAGGED lameness, lossofappetite, refusestoeat, weaklegs IN Other Health & Wellness

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