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Is it possible to get my dog used to other dogs after a year of never socializing her?

we had to leave my dog with my grandparents for about a year because i had to go away for college because i could not keep dogs where i was moving…

ASKED BY Member 1116737 on 6/20/12
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I have a 1 yr old weimaraner with tons of energy. I want to get her a friend. when is the right time?

I want a good positive experience. Is it too soon to bring a puppy in as our weimaraner is just a year old? She has enormous energy.

ASKED BY Member 1069131 on 11/7/11
TAGGED socialize, temperment, highenergy, companion IN Behavior & Training

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How can i socialize my chihuahua?

you see my chihuahua is 8 months old whenever she see a another breed she barks at it how can i socialize my dog i heard that chihuahuas aren't very…

ASKED BY Cloey Santino on 11/6/11
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My dog always barks when he sees dogs bigger than him or when the dog gets to close?

see my dog cloey was bought on april and after that i walked her in the streets and i saw an shih tzu and the shih tzu was going to her direction and…

ASKED BY Cloey Santino on 10/10/11
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How to socialize my shih tzu with other dogs?

My family adopted a shih tzu 9 years back. When she came in she was very shy and afraid of everything around her, but now after much pampering she…

ASKED BY Member 1054163 on 9/9/11
TAGGED socialize, aggressive, jealous, shihtzu IN Socialization

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Will our puppy have socialisation issues? Should we take her anyway?

Hi, my family and I are getting a golden retriever puppy. We have found a breeder with 6 week old puppies. 4 of the 5 puppies have already gone to…

ASKED BY Member 1050064 on 8/30/11
TAGGED puppy, age, socialize, socialization, socialise, socialisation, littermates IN Puppies

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