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Little 1 year old Maltese girl nipping at visitors' ankles and barking at any visitors! Need help please?

My dog is a year old now, she's a 4 lb. Maltese girl. Every time someone walks in my house (someone who doesn't live there) she barks along with my…

ASKED BY Member 1248729 on 6/29/15
TAGGED anklenipping, maltese, smalldog, biting, nipping, barking, methods IN Methods of Training

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Why did my newly rescued Great Dane shake a small dog like toy?

My newly rescued 1.5 year-old Great Dane met a small dog on a walk in our neighborhood, stopped for a sniff, all seemed well, and suddenly I was…

ASKED BY Member 1229933 on 11/23/14
TAGGED greatdane, smalldog, shake, training IN Socialization


Why is my dog scared of my husband?

My dog loved my husband at first. But after 2months he's been scared. 1. He suddenly poops/pees in the house where he or I would discipline to…

ASKED BY Moses on 3/6/14
TAGGED smalldog, scared IN Behavior & Training


What is a low maintenance, mellow, QUIET breed or mixed breed of small dog?

Low maintenance as in not much training required (just basic obedience). I don't mind any type of grooming! I'd love to hear about "designer dog…

ASKED BY Jackie on 1/11/14
TAGGED smalldog, bestbreed, bestmixedhybridbreed IN Breeds

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Im looking at getting a lhasa apso but just wondered if anyone had any tips/suggestions/warnings on this breed. Thankyou?

I have moved out with my partner and we have both grown up with dogs so it feels very odd living without. I think the lhasa apso is adorable but have…

ASKED BY Member 1173093 on 6/1/13
TAGGED lhasaapso, training, temperment, smalldogs IN Breeds

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My 28mo. old pom died in 24 hrs. of encephalitis. anyone heard of that?

She started salivating, and when we took her to the couch to have a look at her closer, her ears were twitching out of sync. The saliva was coming…

ASKED BY Member 1172031 on 5/25/13
TAGGED smalldogsiesuresencephalis IN Health & Wellness

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My friend may homeless in one month unless she can find a job.Is there a temporary shelter or home for a small dog?

She is just getting out of the hospital/ in addition she and her boyfriend are splitting up. He was paying the rent as my friend does not have a job…

ASKED BY Member 1146153 on 12/21/12
TAGGED needtemporaryfosterhomeofshelterforasmalldog IN Adoption & Rescue


Is none aggressive jumping at a dog park (9 pound poodle mix at?

I'm about to take my newly adopted dog (had her about 2 months) to a local "small dog park." She's a 9 pound poodle mix. She loves to jump around…

ASKED BY Emily on 9/28/12
TAGGED dogparks, smalldogs, jumping IN Socialization

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