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My older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in dribble..we are not close to a vet...thanks?

my older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in a dribble....I am not close to a vet.....any suggestions, thanks

ASKED BY Member 1216588 on 3/18/14
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How can I get my English pointer to eat?

I just adopted a champion show pointer from a breeder to train as a service dog. He is 2 years old. My friend who raises and bred pointers (from…

ASKED BY Member 1143088 on 11/30/12
TAGGED totw, englishpointer, pointer, sloweater, servicedog, food, kibble IN Pet Food

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Why does my dog act like he is moving in slow motion when we head home during a walk?

when I take my dog walking and turn for home he freezes and acts like he is in slow motion

ASKED BY Member 1125696 on 8/14/12
TAGGED walksslow IN Behavior & Training


What should I throw in the slow cooker with my dog's chicken?

To save money on wet food I mix chicken with my dog's (1 year old border collie) Blue Buffalo dry food. I slow cook a whole chicken until the meat…

ASKED BY Rory on 2/1/12
TAGGED food, chicken, slow, cook, herb, oregano, cayenne IN Homemade Food


My dog is being slow, seems like he has a headache or something?

My dog is normally very active and gets really excited about food and fetch (he's part Lab) but today he has been doing everything much slower. He…

ASKED BY Toby on 4/13/11
TAGGED slow, headache, panting, tired IN Other Health & Wellness

The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC)

Speeding Up The Tunnel?

Silvia is doing grreat at agility! Everything is fast! Except the tunnel. When she comes to it she pauses then goes slow through it. Why do you…

ASKED BY The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on 1/26/11
TAGGED slow, tunnel, speed, up IN Agility & Sports

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Is my dog just really tired?

I'm sitting for an 8 year old black lab, full of energy. All day long she just wants to play, so I've been playing a LOT with her (fetch in the yard…

ASKED BY Member 999718 on 8/6/10
TAGGED exercise, play, fetch, lab, slow IN Exercise

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How do you train a dog to eat slower? I cannot find a special bowl and I dont know what else to do! HELP?

6month old chinese crested puppy. Obsessed by food, can eat a whole bowl in 5 seconds flat, and I dont know how to slow him down, he almost took my…

ASKED BY Member 869135 on 8/19/09
TAGGED obsessedfoodsnatchtraineatslowly IN Methods of Training

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