Is it hard on my dog if I'm up all night?

I work nights, and when I'm off (3 or 4 days at a time), I keep the same schedule, watching TV or working around the house (quietly). My family is…

ASKED BY Sammy on 1/18/15
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Rescue dog occasionally bites when woken?

We've had a 45-lb hound mutt for about a year now. She's a rescue and we think around 5 years old. The past few months she's a few times acted…

ASKED BY Member 1239938 on 1/1/15
TAGGED sleep, aggression, rescue IN Aggression

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My dog is losing his mind and hes putting him self at danger?

Ok so my dog is 10 years old and about a moumonth ago me and my family knoticed him being very clingy to everyone and not eating all his food and he…

ASKED BY Member 1239427 on 12/22/14
TAGGED elderdog, sick, danger, losinghismind, wonteat, wontsleep, losingweight IN Senior Pet

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My 11 year old dog wakes us up early hours of the morning howling. What could this be?

My dog is 11 years old and has slept in the kitchen his whole life with no problems. Just this last week he has been kicking the door and his bowl and…

ASKED BY Member 1225611 on 5/8/14
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My puppy only sleeps how I do, under the covers or burying her face covering her eyes in the joint/bend of my arm, why?

This is how I sleep, she shows signs of affection to me and sees me as the pack leqder, she is well trained and is a crosbreed, jack russel and king…

ASKED BY Member 1212905 on 2/24/14
TAGGED behaviour, sleeping, affection, submission IN Behavior & Training


Dog sleeping butt to butt with me but isn't a cuddler?

I recently had a colonoscopy done and a polyp they removed came back precancerous. I've been filling odd in my butt region ever since. My dog is a…

ASKED BY Swift on 1/4/14
TAGGED dog, sleep, affection IN Behavior & Training

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