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Is it OK for a pup to leave it's mother at 6 weeks if he has no litter mates?

We are getting a new puppy and the 'breeder' said the puppy can leave it's mother at 6 weeks old. We wanted to wait until he was 8 weeks old but he…

ASKED BY Member 1165977 on 4/19/13
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Teach My dog to sit?

My six month old dog, Chibi, is now learning a few tricks. Yeah, i know it's a bit late but she's very hyper! She's great!She can easily learn…

ASKED BY Chibi on 2/2/11
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Where can I get information about dog breeds in the U.K. and Europe in the sixth century?

I am doing some research, and would like to know the primary dog breeds that were in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and the rest of the…

ASKED BY Member 1011357 on 11/10/10
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Can a sweet 4yr old pit mix and a two yr old ex stud great dane get along together and with my six yr old son?

I only ask because I have a friends who cant keep her two yr old great dane Duke and doesnt know what to do with him, I have a huge back yard and all…

ASKED BY Angel on 5/13/10
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