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Online shopping of Pet Products is Good ? If Yes what type of products we could order?

About Purchasing of Online Pet Products

ASKED BY Member 1147494 on 12/19/13
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My mom doesn't buy things for our dog. (not sure?)?

Well we never got a collar tag for our dog until a few months ago ( my dog is almost 3). Everyone else also said that the furminator is a rip off…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
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Questions about becoming a groomer?

I'm thinking I want to be a pet groomer "when I grow up", and I was wondering for one, how much do groomers typically make, is an expensive school…

ASKED BY Zackintosh CJ on 3/18/09
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Any Kentucky residents (near L'ville or IN, or OH know where to buy WellnessCore OCEAN or Orijen locally? seen any?

I was wondering if anyone in the KY (fort knox, Louisville area) might know where I can buy Orijen and Wellness Core Ocean--I know it is new but maybe…

ASKED BY Coco on 2/5/08
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