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I have had a lab mix for 4 years and just got a shih tzu. It has been two days and the lab mix being 4 years old?

I have had a lab mix for 4 years and just got a shih tzu. It has been two days and the lab mix being 4 years old is calm but the shih tzu being 1.5…

ASKED BY Member 1223012 10 hours, 8 minutes ago
TAGGED twodogs, lab, shihtzu IN Behavior & Training

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Dog can't handle my mum not being home. Please help?

We have 2 maltese x shih tzu a year a part (9 & 8) The 9 year old is a female and when my mum leaves the house, she becomes very anxious. She hides…

ASKED BY Member 1218168 3 weeks, 2 days ago
TAGGED mum, dog, nothome, help, maltese, shihtzu, x IN Separation Anxiety


My mommy is wondering if I had a yeast infection on one side of my mouth?

Mommy found me abandoned and roaming in the cold and I already have this red streak on the side of my mouth (Look at my picture. It is on my right and…

ASKED BY Aki on 1/8/14
TAGGED tearstain, shihtzu, yeastinfection IN Other Grooming

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Why is my adult dog aggressive towards me since new puppy arrived?

We have a 2 yr old shih tzu x cavalier who is very sweet to me and my husband UNTIL our new puppy arrived. I am completely new to having two dogs…

ASKED BY Member 1194794 on 10/17/13
TAGGED newpuppy, adultdog, aggressive, towards, me, cavalier, shihtzu, pekingese IN Aggression


Looking for local dog spots in Fairbanks Area to help keep my Shih Tzu active when it's -40 degrees outside?

We are moving to North Pole, AK (Fairbanks area) in December. I'm worried that my 5 year old Shih Tzu will not be able to exercise enough this…

ASKED BY Stella on 9/4/13
TAGGED exercise, weather, winter, advice, shihtzu IN U.S. Alaska & Hawaii


Will getting another dog help or hurt with separation anxiety (not able to be left alone at home w/o barking)?

Does anyone have experience with getting another dog to keep the first dog company in order to help with separation anxiety? My female shih tzu…

ASKED BY Sydney on 8/22/13
TAGGED separationanxiety, shihtzu, dogs, barking, calm, friend IN Separation Anxiety

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Puppy-Proofing Advice?

I'm new to puppy ownership and I'm looking for advice on how to puppy-proof a home that has never had dogs in it before. Not sure exactly what kind…

ASKED BY Member 1175402 on 6/26/13
TAGGED puppy, proofing, new, small, toy, shihtzu, maltese IN Adoption & Rescue

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