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Let our adopted dog see the old owner on a regular basis?

we adopted a dog from a neighbor a few months ago. The neighbor had to give him up. The neighbor has since walked the dog a few times with no…

ASKED BY Member 1230084 on 7/23/14
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Strange eating habit, eats with her favorite toy?

My dog, a toy poodle, eats with her favorite toy. Meaning that she will bring the toy to her dish, get a piece of food, bring it three feet away, then…

ASKED BY Member 1151247 on 1/21/13
TAGGED sharing, food, toys, strangeeatingbehavior, eating, behavior, strange IN Behavior & Training

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Oh dear Jesus, my dogs are attacking each other. What do I do?

I have two 11 year old shitzu's. I recently got a Australian Shepard and Black Lab mix which is now 7 months old, problem is, they fight. I did…

ASKED BY Member 1117501 on 6/25/12
TAGGED fighting, fight, mad, sharing, share, help, dear, jesus IN Aggression

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Why does my dog eat the yellow snow?

I have a 3 yr old Novia Scotia Duck Toller why does he eat the neighbors dog yellow snow? How do I break him of this habit? Also, he whats to poop…

ASKED BY Member 1022577 on 2/9/11
TAGGED behavior, sharingaterritory IN Methods of Training

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Adopting a sibling from the same litter?

We adopted a dog in March. We recently contacted our rescue we used for another dog for a sibling for him and found out one of his littermates was…

ASKED BY Member 1008388 on 10/18/10
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I got a female bichon 3 weeks ago from a rescue group. My Itchie, a male terrier mix is good with her except for toys?

He will share me, his bed, anything but toys. She was timid at first (but improving). He takes everything away from her. Should I just let them…

ASKED BY Itchie on 10/17/08
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Is it okay (& fair) to expect both of my medium dogs to share an igloo-type doghouse during winter days? They'd fit?

My dogs get along quite well and sometimes sleep together in the house, but last winter we had only one dog and she didn't have to share. I'm quite…

ASKED BY Member 742997 on 9/26/08
TAGGED doghouse, igloo, sharing, multipledogs, winter, outside IN Other Behavior & Training