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Existing dog red zone barking at new service dog, need help! Cannot get rid of any dog?

I just brought home a 2 y/o yellow lab service dog named Jude. At home, my parents & I have a 10 y/o female Westie, who is calm, and both dogs get…

ASKED BY Member 1244171 1 week ago
TAGGED aggression, barking, redzone, servicedog, training, help IN Methods of Training

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Companion animals/ emotional support animal?

I have an emotional support animal in San Mateo county and i have a letter from my doctor for her. my new landlord wants us to move out but i showed…

ASKED BY Member 1242693 on 2/20/15
TAGGED serviceanimals, companionanimals, emotionalsupportanimal IN Other Laws & Legislation

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Service dogs?

I am disabled with a pitbul who is registered as my service dog, I trained her myself and she is a wonderful assistance to me. recently I was told…

ASKED BY Member 1235612 on 10/13/14
TAGGED servicedog, proof, harassment, documentation IN Other Laws & Legislation


Training a nervous nelly?

My newly adopted Thor, age 4, just came to me from the pound after having been tossed form home to home and eventually onto the streets. He's a very…

ASKED BY Thor on 9/23/14
TAGGED servicedog, anxiety, fear, training, distraction IN Behavior & Training

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Two service dogs?

have a service dog. She is small and is trained to mitigate some of my PTSD situations and hallucinations. However, It is very helpful to have some…

ASKED BY Member 1227233 on 5/17/14
TAGGED ptsd, therapydog, servicedog, twoservicedogs, training IN Service & Therapy Dogs

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Please read. Bringing service dog in training to school. Does the school have to allow?

I'm planning on bringing my service dog in training to school this Friday and I need to get all my info together. Can the school deny me and my…

ASKED BY Member 1127550 on 5/13/14
TAGGED servicedog, dogsinschool IN Service & Therapy Dogs

Daisy Mae

Embarrassed about SDiT and Wheelechair?

So i have a service dog in training that is doing very well so far (especially on her extended down-stays) and im owner training her, i have asthma…

ASKED BY Daisy Mae on 3/11/14
TAGGED servicedog, servicedogintraining, intraining, wheelchair, asthma IN Service & Therapy Dogs

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