Can someone please provide me with strict, effective, safe, and fun training regimen to help me accomplish my goals?

My name is Pilot and I am a 3.5 month old Siberian Husky that came home with my Daddy about a week ago. He is fully committed to spending several…

ASKED BY Pilot on 1/10/14
TAGGED training, tricks, behavior, safety, exercise, mountainbike, biking, caninegoodcitizen, certification, commands, regimen IN Methods of Training

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I have two dogs; 4 year-old, 10 lbs., Maltese-terrier and 9 month-old, 4 lbs., poodle-terrier, both are rescues. My Mal?

teeth cleaning, small dogs, best course of action, other options, safety concerns about teeth cleaning,

ASKED BY Member 1192769 on 10/3/13
TAGGED safety, teethcleaning, tinydog IN Dental Care

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What is the safest and most effective heart worm medication and flea and tick control on the market for adult Dobermans?

Which flea control/tick and heart worm protection is best to use for my 27 month old Doberman.I have concerns on some of the controls on the market…

ASKED BY Member 1157810 on 3/3/13
TAGGED doberman, flea, tick, heartworm, protection, product, safety IN Heartworm Control

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How to keep puppies warm without power?

I'm just curious, but say like you have new born puppies as i know that they need to be in an 80 degree temperature but what happens if say a big snow…

ASKED BY Member 1134384 on 10/5/12
TAGGED puppies, warm, safety IN Health & Safety

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Very long flight with a small mexican hairless.. impossible?

I am thinking about moving from the US to Argentina and I want to take my 13 lb, 3 year-old mexican hairless with me. The shortest travel time I could…

ASKED BY Member 1132083 on 9/23/12
TAGGED travel, safety, mexicanhairless IN Air Travel

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Taking my 2yr old white lab to lake Erie Will Miley's paws burn in the sand like my feet do, sun burn what do I need?

What I need for her. What should Know. Were on land no boating.

ASKED BY Member 1112006 on 5/22/12
TAGGED beach, sunburn, theheat, hotgroundsafety IN Travel & Recreation

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