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Pugalier has been throwing up every half hour to an hour today. White foam with clear liquid, one had stones in it?

I think he may have swallowed stones or a piece of fresh beef bone from the butcher. I have looked at his gums and felt and listened to his tummy, all…

ASKED BY Member 1064565 on 10/19/11
TAGGED swallow, bone, rocks, stones, vomit, bile, foam, white, frequent, pugalier, water, normal, behaviour, tired IN Swallowing Foreign Objects


How do you prevent a dog from taking rocks?

Ever since we got small sized rocks put in our yard, Brutus has been taking them and chewing on them. He comes inside with a rock nearly everytime…

ASKED BY Brutus on 8/24/10
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How do I stop my 8 week old puppy from eating grass and rocks?

My 8 week old min pin Izzy keeps eating grass and dirt. I don't think it is because she doesn't like her food because she always eats it. Her food…

ASKED BY Member 982340 on 4/19/10
TAGGED grass, rocks, eating, puppy IN Puppies

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Why is my dog digging rocks from the stream so obsessivly?

When I take my dog for a walk to the stream all he wants to do is pull rocks from the water. He grabs them with his front paws and pulls them to the…

ASKED BY Member 625298 on 4/23/08
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