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13 yr old female Golden. 8 yr old un neutered Golden; have had him 1 year. He's at her butt 24/7; she's annoyed?

I need to make her last few months enjoyable; she's lost her lifelong mate of 12 years; a week ago. The 8 yr old, I adopted from my exhub a year…

ASKED BY Member 1205758 on 12/24/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, sniffing, butt, unneutered, aging, incontinence IN Aggression

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We have a great selection of Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. There are both male and female puppies waiting for goo?

We have a great selection of Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. There are both male and female puppies waiting for good homes from our reputable…

ASKED BY Member 1177891 on 7/1/13
TAGGED yellowlabradorretrieverpuppiesforadoption IN Other Adoption & Rescue


Would shaving ruin my Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky's strange coat?

First off, I have no intention of shaving him, this is merely out of curiosity. He is a Siberian Husky/Golden retriever mix with a weird fur…

ASKED BY Duke on 6/3/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, siberianhusky, furtype, strange IN Professional Grooming

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I want to get a golden retriever but I don't know if raising one from a pup is a good idea for me! Help?

I have cancer in my knee and thigh and the only way to get rid of it is to amputate my leg. My mom said that once this is all over I will be able to…

ASKED BY Member 1156878 on 2/25/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, dogs IN Behavior & Training

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Female Labrador Retriever 3 years old has trouble getting up, sitting down, occasionally slips?

I have a 3 year old female labrador retriever who is having trouble getting up from sitting or laying, and occasionally loses her footing in her…

ASKED BY Member 1155790 on 2/18/13
TAGGED difficultygettingup, labradorretriever, hipdysplasia IN Arthritis

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Is a golden retriever the right dog for me?

My mum and I are looking for a puppy for me for Christmas and I have been in LOVE with golden retrievers for quite some time now. I have a small…

ASKED BY Member 1145663 on 12/18/12
TAGGED goldenretriever, breed, choosing, dog IN Breeds


What's a good name for a Black Lab?

We may be getting a Lab puppy soon and are having trouble deciding on a name.

ASKED BY Emma on 8/31/12
TAGGED dognames, lab, labradorretriever IN Puppies

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What's the best way to get my dog ready for when two of four family members leave for college?

My dog is just over a year old and last year she adjusted (slowly and grudgingly) to my sister being at college. I was in high school, so I was home…

ASKED BY Member 1121094 on 7/17/12
TAGGED leaving, family, dog, labradorretriever, college, boredom IN Behavior & Training

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