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Parvo recovery?

My puppy came home 4 days ago from spending 5 days at the vet recovering from parvo. She's doing well, eating and has her energy back. Originally…

ASKED BY Member 1241480 on 1/26/15
TAGGED parvo, recovery, puppy IN Health & Wellness


Can you manage microchips from multiple companies with one account on any site?

All three of my dogs are from different backgrounds (rescued stray, adopted directly from another family, adopted from a rescue) and all of them…

ASKED BY Cairo on 5/26/14
TAGGED microchips, registration, multiple, petrecovery IN Adoption & Rescue

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Time line for recovery after disk surgery?

My two year old Jack Russel Terrier Weenie dog mix had surgery to repair a ruptured disk. Today she will be five days post op. I know all dogs are…

ASKED BY Member 1150785 on 1/19/13
TAGGED disksurgery, recovery IN Health & Wellness

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Does anyone have a dog that had surgery for luxating patella?

My dog is a Bichon/Poodle mix. He is 2 years old. I am going to an orthopedic specialist this week for luxating patella in his left hind leg. He's…

ASKED BY Member 1114726 on 6/9/12
TAGGED luxatingpatella, surgery, recovery IN Other Health & Wellness

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My 6 year old 60 lbs boxer needs FHO surgery but I'm worried about her weight affecting her recovery. Has anyone gone th?

We are looking specifically for any testimonials about their dog going through this procedure and the recovery. Every where I read, it says the…

ASKED BY Member 1075763 on 12/6/11
TAGGED fhosurgery, recovery, lbs IN Health & Wellness

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Is it normal for my dog who is recovering from ehrlichia to still be lethargic and eat very little?

Lego (Pembroke Welsh Corgi, 11 months) just got home from a 4-day stay at the animal hospital after a recurrence of ehrlichia from when he was first…

ASKED BY Member 1014268 on 6/17/11
TAGGED ehrlichia, food, appetite, corgi, lethargic, recovery, blanddiet IN Health & Wellness

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My lab is about to have acl surgery. Would it be beneficial for me to build a wooden frame with sod on my balcony?

Live in 2nd floor apartment with many steps. My dog is a lab/shepherd mix, 1yr 8 month, and about 85 lbs. I am trying to help the recovery by keeping…

ASKED BY Member 1002610 on 8/31/10
TAGGED acl, surgery, recovery IN Other Health & Wellness

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