Tiny Rogi

Anyone allergic to their dog's flea medication?

Anyone allergic to Revolution? My hubby recently purchased a new box of Revolution flea meds for our dog and he applied it about 2 weeks ago. Since…

ASKED BY Tiny Rogi on 10/30/13
TAGGED fleameds, revolution, allergies, reaction IN Health & Wellness


Concerns about Advantix?

Has anyone used Advantix on their dog and noticed any skin allergic outbreak. It seems that every time I put this on my dog, within a week she…

ASKED BY kayla on 8/13/12
TAGGED advantix, skinallergicreaction IN Health & Wellness

Guest Member Since

Prolonged reaction to Bordetella vaccine?

I administered a Bordetella vaccine to my dog, a three-year-old Doberman Pinscher, two weeks ago, and since then he's had on-again-off-again…

ASKED BY Member 1123153 on 7/29/12
TAGGED bordetella, vaccine, reaction, doberman, froth, hypersalivation IN Vaccinations

Guest Member Since

My dog had the Lyme booster and is having a terrible reaction,she won't move from one spot,she won't go for a walk,she k?

To add to any questions, her appetite is totally normal.

ASKED BY Member 1114566 on 6/7/12
TAGGED reactiontolymebooster IN Health & Wellness

Guest Member Since

How do I treat a swollen dog's ear if I do not know what caused it to swell?

I can't afford a vet bill right now. His ear has been swollen for about two weeks. I did not notice right away because he has had ear mites, and…

ASKED BY Member 1062384 on 10/10/11
TAGGED swelling, allergicreaction, injury IN Skin Problems

Guest Member Since

My dog is licking the whole floor and vomiting. What is wrong with her?

This all started last night around 11pm or so (according to my wife). Shiloh, our 7 1/2 month old Shepherd/Sheltie mix would eat stuffing(cotton…

ASKED BY Member 1035222 on 9/8/11
TAGGED excessivelicking, vomiting, eating, poisoned, allergicreaction IN Illness & Disease

Guest Member Since

What to do to help him with a reaction to shotss?

My pug/x got his 7-way boster shots today, his face is now all swollen and he is having troubles breathing and his face is itchy! WHAT CAN I DO FOR…

ASKED BY Member 1027565 on 3/22/11
TAGGED allergicreaction, shots, yearlybooster IN Health & Wellness

Coco Chanel Tobiassen

What do I do when my puppy (4 1/2 months) gets matted?

Hey there everyone, unfortunately, Coco Chanel, my 4 1/2 month old Yorkshire Terrier has a problem. As of this week we have noticed intense matting…

ASKED BY Coco Chanel Tobiassen on 2/24/11
TAGGED grooming, fear, matting, bathing, brushing, clipping, dematting, scared, badreaction, bad IN Grooming

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