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How to make puppy comfortable around bunny?

I have a 4 year old bunny,Fae, she's a female and she has a large crate in the linving room so only out of there once a day. 5 months ago I brought to…

ASKED BY Member 1152545 on 3/4/13
TAGGED rabbit, bunny, puppy, barking IN Socialization

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I just got two baby rabbits. I need to introduce them to my terrier mix (2) and my lab mix (6 months), without any of th?

The rabbits are 2 months old, Holland Lops, both boys. They live in a large hutch outdoors. I want to take Harper outside, but she just stands by…

ASKED BY Member 1124639 on 9/16/12
TAGGED pet, introducing, introduction, rabbits, terriers IN Behavior & Training

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Escapes from garden and kills rabbits what do we do?

for the first time last night our akita escaped from the garden. we found him in next doors eating a dead rabbit and hedgehog. How do we stop him from…

ASKED BY Member 1110649 on 5/14/12
TAGGED fencingrabbits IN Other Behavior & Training


I have a two year old akit/belgian shepherd mix. How do I stop his digging?

Carter here loves chasing rabbits and cats while outside on a leash. There are wood chips on the side of the trailer for a flower bed and recently the…

ASKED BY Carter on 4/20/12
TAGGED belgianshepherd, akita, digging, outside, cats, rabbits IN Digging


Is there anyway to stop my jack russel chashing my rabbits?

my elevan week jack russel puppy loves chahing my two english rabbits.the rabbits r old so i do not want them stressed out

ASKED BY fudge on 4/16/10
TAGGED rabbitschashing IN Exercise & Play


Is Timothy hay okay for dog bedding?

I went to Walmart today to find an alternative bedding (that can't be ripped or chewed up) for Daegan's dog house to replace the cedar chips that…

ASKED BY Daegan on 11/10/09
TAGGED bedding, hay, cedarchips, rabbitfood IN Pet Products

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Is it alright to feed a raw wild rabbit to my dogs?

I read that if you freeze a wild animal for a month, any pests on or in the animal will be killed and therefore safe to feed to your dog. Has anyone…

ASKED BY Boquet - In Memory on 1/10/09
TAGGED rawfood, rabbit, wildrabbit IN Raw Food

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