How much exercise do maremma dog pups need?

K so I'm not the one with the pups, my friend is. So she has 2 female maremma pups that r about 5 months old I think. They have a huge backyard to…

ASKED BY Lucy on 2/4/13
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Cloey Santino

What month can a chihuahua get pregnant and is it hard to take care of a chihuahua family and how many babies can a chi?

hi there dogsterians i am planning to get another chi dog and have them mate but my dog is 11 months old is already ok to have them mate. is it really…

ASKED BY Cloey Santino on 12/31/11
TAGGED chihuahua, pregnant, pups IN Health & Wellness

Guest Member Since

How do you submit a story to you guys?

i would love to submit a story about a pup that cannot use his back leg and is looking for his forever home can we do this on your page

ASKED BY Member 1030530 on 4/14/11
TAGGED adoptionandspecialneedspups IN Adoption & Rescue

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I foster dogs and we just pulled 2 5wk old pups from a home that had 3 kittens with Chlamydia. Can the pups have it too?

Kittens have seen a vet. Pups have not yet.

ASKED BY Member 994828 on 6/29/10
TAGGED pups, dog, cat, kitten, chlamydia IN Other Health & Wellness


I'm getting an older dog. I am afraid we willnot have it long. What should be the right age?

I am finally able to get a new dog! But I have suggestions to get an older dog. I have to get an older dog but what would be the right age. We are…

ASKED BY Dolce on 4/26/10
TAGGED questions, age, home, answer, pups, dogs, death IN Choosing the Right Pet

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Foster dog & pups with worms?

Mama Doxie/Rat terrier & 5 pups have round- & tapeworms. Had a dose of Nemex a week ago & not due for 2nd dose for another week. Worms are still…

ASKED BY Member 473166 on 3/14/10
TAGGED dogpups, worms IN Health & Wellness

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