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Is there something wrong with my pug? Please help?

My 3 year old pug is acting extremely strange. This morning at about 5 am she was running around under beds and humping floor lamps waking everyone in…

ASKED BY Member 1206034 on 12/26/13
TAGGED bad, behavior, pug, run, notsleeping, crazy, help, urgent IN Illness & Disease


6 yr old male pug in pain?

6 yr old male pug experiencing stiffness unwilling to jump up or down, cant pass my hand by his left eye without him flinching, he yips or whimpers…

ASKED BY Jabba on 7/27/13
TAGGED pug, male, pain, stiff, headshake, yip, eye IN Other Health & Wellness

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Shepherd, Beagle, Pug? ..What am I?

Okay, this was my dog at 1 years old (to the right, gold coat). My ex took her during the breakup and I haven't seen her since. Miss her very much and…

ASKED BY Member 1153305 on 2/2/13
TAGGED pug, beagle, shepherd, mix, breed IN Mixed Breeds

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Hello i have a 2 year old Pug last year she had struvite stones surgically moved the dr recommend to put her on royal ca?

hello i have a 2 year old Pug last year she had struvite stones surgically moved the dr recommend to put her on royal canine SO i was wondering if…

ASKED BY Member 1143154 on 11/30/12
TAGGED foodcornorganicpug IN Food & Nutrition

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My son's 11 month old puggle cries whenever I leave her with anyone else. She whines and cries until I return?

We've had her since she was 3 months old. She's formed an attachment to me as I am home every evening; my son works long hours. When I leave an no one…

ASKED BY Member 1132844 on 9/26/12
TAGGED crying, puggle, puppy IN Separation Anxiety

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Is there a difference between a hybrid bred from two different purebreds and a dog bred from two of those hybrids?

I have been hearing a lot these days about dogs like the Labradoodle, the Bochi, and the Puggle, just three among many. I began to wonder, do they…

ASKED BY Member 1114744 on 6/9/12
TAGGED breeds, crossbreeds, mutts, hybrids, labradoodle, bochi, puggle, purebred IN Cross Breeds


Should I add to the family of puppies?

I have a jug puppy and she's very playful and friendly. She almost 8 months old and I feel bad because she loves to play with other dogs and sometimes…

ASKED BY Jugs on 5/24/12
TAGGED jug, puppy, pug, jack, russel, terrier, months, old, playmate IN Other Puppies

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