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How to use FURminator Brush, Slicker Brush and Curry Comb properly?

Hey Guys, I have a 4 months old Pug and she sheds like crazy. 1 month ago I discovered the FURminator brush and have been using it everyday and I…

ASKED BY Member 1248124 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED furminator, shedding, pugs, currycomb, slickerbrush IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Is a Pug a suitable breed to buy when the owners work full- time?

I am looking to buy a Pug puppy for my girlfirnd later this year. We both work full time during the day. Is the a suitable breed to buy?

ASKED BY Member 1240766 on 1/14/15
TAGGED fulltimework, pug, puppy IN Separation Anxiety


Demodex HELP?

Hi, I am really hoping you guys can help.... My beautiful Pug, Bentley is only just one year old, he has had Demodex for months, the vet put him on…

ASKED BY Bentley on 1/5/15
TAGGED demodex, mange, skin, pug IN Health & Wellness

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I bought a 35 days old pug puppy?

I bought a 35 days old pug puppy. I know it is too young for it to be away from it's mother. I need to know that how should i take care of him ?

ASKED BY Member 1238938 on 12/12/14
TAGGED pug, puppy IN Health & Safety

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Is my pug pregnant?

She has been in heat for about 3 weeks now and on the last week we let a friend watch her. The friend has dogs that she "said" are fixed and my dog…

ASKED BY Member 1231528 on 8/10/14
TAGGED pug, pregnant, heat, heatcycle, nipples, vulva, enlarged IN Pregnancy


My Pug marks inside the house! How do I stop this?

My 4 year old Pug/Terrier mix keeps marking on practically everything inside the house. I work on obedience with him, take him outside every day for…

ASKED BY Oppenheimer on 7/21/14
TAGGED pug, marking, house, neutered, urinating, problem, vet, goodbye IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Pug had trouble with her Poop Habits in Crate?

I have a 3 year old Pug. I noticed few problem with my Pug. When my husband and I left our dogs alone at home in their crate while we are going to…

ASKED BY Akasha on 6/19/14
TAGGED pug, poop, crate, nasty, mess, disappointing, badhabit IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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