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PLZ HELP URGENT DOG HAS SERERVE ALLERGIES!! need advice been to the vet 4 times?

Hello guys im really desperate with my poor dog's issue I have a 3 year old copper nose beagel and i love him with all my heart. He has server…

ASKED BY Member 1219001 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED allergiesproblems, overheating, sneezing, attackinghimself, help, dogissuffering IN Illness & Disease

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My Border Collie mix is extremely aggressive towards strangers. Any suggestions?

When we adopted my BC(Border Collie) my family knew nothing about the breed or its needs. After we got her of course we started doing research and…

ASKED BY Member 1213555 on 2/28/14
TAGGED biting, behaviour, problems, bordercollie, training, help IN Behavior & Training

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Why is my dog so agressive to other dogs?

ok so i have an Irish wolfhound/German shepherd female dog. I got her from my aunt thanksgiving '13 because of the problem she was having. This dog…

ASKED BY Member 1211304 on 1/31/14
TAGGED agresionproblemscared IN Aggression

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Dog will only eat soft food, is breathing shallowly, is skinny as a rail, and has rotted teeth. What to do?

When I took my dog to the vet over the years to get shots, he said he might get a dental cleaning, but never made it seem that important. We never had…

ASKED BY Member 1205548 on 12/22/13
TAGGED periodental, disease, heartproblems, lungproblems, advancedperiodontaldisease, periodontaldisease, help IN Senior Pet

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One year old lab mix has mange...we've tried everything?

We have tried everything. I have a lab/German Shepard one year old puppy and we are at our wits end. He broke out in mange, derm mange, and nothing…

ASKED BY Member 1199605 on 11/15/13
TAGGED mange, skinproblems IN Illness & Disease


My dog is a picky eater. HELP?

He is just maintaining his weight. Vet says he is perfectly healthy. He's a picky eater and sometimes he'd lose 2-5 pounds if he refuses to eat…

ASKED BY Drago on 10/22/13
TAGGED food, pickyeater, germanshepherd, feedingproblems, underweight IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Leo, my 2 1/2 yr old American Bulldog was digging in the yard Saturday evening, pulling his nail away from the cuticle?

He is limping really bad. I am soaking his paw in Epsom Salt. The nail is still attached very well. Under the nail it is black from the dried blood…

ASKED BY Member 1176835 on 6/24/13
TAGGED medical, nailproblems IN Health & Wellness

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