How do you decide to put a dog down?

My dog just tore her ACL then hurt her other hind leg. We are considering putting her down but nobody wants to.. they say its for the best but is it…

ASKED BY Mya on 12/23/12
TAGGED why, do, pets, need, to, die, so, soon, she, is, still, young, i, love, my, poor, baby, please, keep, her, in, your, prayers IN Illness & Disease

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My dog will not go outside?

She refuses to go outside, peroid! Durring the day I can sometimes drag her out, litterally. At night time forget even thinking about it! If I try too…

ASKED BY Member 1134908 on 10/9/12
TAGGED fearofoutside, poorselfesteem, urinatinginfear IN Fears & Phobias

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My dog does not play much and will not even eat it's food with the other dogs and now shows signs of starvation?

My dog is a German shepard of 4 months old, we took him in with this sister who is very sociable, fearless and playful.

ASKED BY Member 1110537 on 5/13/12
TAGGED lonerdogwithpoorfeeding IN Behavior & Training

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15 week old puppy with a poorly stomach and seperation anxiety. Can anyone help?

Hi, I am new here and i have a few issues and i wondered if anyone could help. I rescued a 12 week old labrador x retriever 4 weeks ago and he has…

ASKED BY Member 1024398 on 2/23/11
TAGGED poorly, seperationanxiety, eating, worried, puupy, health IN Other Puppies

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Why do people have outside dogs?

Really. I think it's mean to keep your dog outside. I don't get If you wanted a dog in fhe first place why would you keep it outside? It just…

ASKED BY Member 618500 on 7/17/08
TAGGED outsidedog, outdoordog, lonely, poordog IN Other Behavior & Training


Ok we bought Toby from a breeder and here is a list of the things he has had since we got him: Scabies, a staph infectio?

We bought him from a breeder and at first he got scabies then he had a staph infection with his scabies then the scabies left and he got the…

ASKED BY Toby on 11/7/07
TAGGED canisuemydogsbreederforpoorbreeding IN Other Laws & Legislation

Hairy!   R I P  left  us but N

Why is my dog looking the way she does, black crusty patches, a belly like black leather! Please help me, please?

please view herr page to see the photos i have taken of her today to really see the issues she has. I love Hairy so much, i dont want a vet to give…

ASKED BY Hairy! R I P left us but N on 10/6/07
TAGGED ill, vet, poorly, desperate, help, goldenretriever, golden, hairloss, black, skin, diet, food, nutrition IN Illness & Disease

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