Dog keeps on urinating/pooping in house?

My (nearly) 1 year old jack russell/poodle cross has started to urinate, and, as of tonight, poop in the house. But he only does it when no-one is…

ASKED BY Hershel on 11/24/15
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Why does my pug keep pooping?

My dog keeps pooping in her cage every night. She's 5 and this only started about 8 weeks ago. She isn't sick that we know of. It smells like bleach…

ASKED BY Member 1249223 on 7/12/15
TAGGED pug, pooping, cage IN Other Health & Wellness

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How can i stop my olde Tyme Bulldog from messing at night?

My 11 month old OTB has recently started to poop in the kitchen during the night. We take her out 3 times a day, the last walk is between 10-11pm…

ASKED BY Member 1247981 on 6/12/15
TAGGED pooping, night IN Behavior & Training

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My dog is pooping and peeing after she has already been outside?

My boyfriend's small breed (Russell/Chiuhuahua mix) dog has had an ongoing habit of sneaking off to defecate in private places, as far as we know…

ASKED BY Member 1238761 on 12/9/14
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Our almost 2 year old German Shepherd wont stop pooping on carpet?

Almost everyday when I wake up our almost 2 year old Shepherd has pooped in the living room in the same spot and no matter how we change her schedule…

ASKED BY Member 1235642 on 10/14/14
TAGGED pooping, german, shepherd, behavior IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My Havanese has started peeing and pooping in the house after a visit to the groomers. What could be the cause?

I took her to the vet, she's had all tests, all shots and nothing's wrong illness wise. I spayed and potty-trained her as a puppy 4 years ago and…

ASKED BY Member 1216878 on 3/19/14
TAGGED anxiety, behavior, pee, poop, pottytrain, dog, accidents, actingout, groomer, startedpeeinginthehouse, poopinginthehouse, havanese, grooming, shaved IN Behavior & Training

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How to house train my dachshund? HELP?

We leave the house around 715am and get back home around 330 or 4pm most days. We feed and walk the dogs in the morning, as soon as we get home, and…

ASKED BY Member 1191135 on 9/22/13
TAGGED dachshund, dog, training, housetraining, housebreaking, peeinginside, poopinginside IN Behavior & Training

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