Has your working dog ever come across the condition known as "swimmer's tail"?

Swimmer's Tail/Cold Tail is a condition that is caused by either too much swimming in an unconditioned dog, or by water temp. in creeks, lakes…

ASKED BY Ivey on 7/23/10
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I have a ten week old boxer. He only wants to respond, follow, love me, and not my husband. He does the same as I do. Wh?

My husband is just as loving to my dog. We dicipline the same, but he only responds to me. Its almost as if my puppy is afraid or doesnt like him. Why…

ASKED BY Member 819554 on 3/25/09
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Laci Noelle ~ In Loving Memory

I'm having problems (off and on) posting in my groups. Anyone else having this problem? I'm using Firefox?

I am allowed to post to the group on some visits, then told I am not a member the next time OR simply am not given a reply option button.

ASKED BY Laci Noelle ~ In Loving Memory on 4/8/08
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