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Does my boy look like a purebred Pomeranian?…

ASKED BY Member 1237473 on 11/15/14
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Getting a pomeranian puppy. Any tips?

Im getting a pomeranian puppy this week he is 5 months old. The breeder suggested getting a puppy pen so I will be doing that. He is a very sweet…

ASKED BY Member 1229902 on 7/22/14
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Is it safe to ship a dog to my house?

I wanted this dog but the breeder lives in another province she told me that she wanted my phone number and home addresses long as some other…

ASKED BY Member 1228666 on 6/14/14
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So I have a question about our Dogs, our cat and our apartment.…

so we're thinking of getting 2 puppies to add to our little family of my fiance, my almost 1 year old cat and I. the First would be a Pug (for my…

ASKED BY Member 1223885 on 4/28/14
TAGGED apartment, cat, pug, pomeranian IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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I'm wanting to start taking really good care of my pomeranian, but I don,t know what to do! I need to know how often and?

I have a pomeranian. I need tips and information on how to care for my pomeranian. I want to treat him like a king. I'm new at this.

ASKED BY Member 1222158 on 4/13/14
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I need help with my pom and how to feed him correctly.he is 6 vet said to feed him a 1/3 cup of kibble AM & PM?

to clarify my situation here, my pom was not eating his kibble he was on when we got him and we had to transition him to a new kibble the vet chose…

ASKED BY Member 1219043 on 3/29/14
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What color is my Pom considered and what color could she become?

Hi all, I recently got a pom and I was hoping someone could tell me what color she is considered to be. I think she's absolutely beautiful and I am…

ASKED BY Kierra on 3/23/14
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