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Do Vizslas and German Shepherds make good dog "brothers"?

My husband and I are the proud owners of a 5yo Vizsla. He is truly a member of our family and the love of my life. A trooper friend of ours has…

ASKED BY Member 1175789 on 6/17/13
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My neighbor said they would love to shoot my dog because he barks to much? Tonight someone shot him with a pellet gun?

Dog is a 8 month old Walker Hound, I have a 6" fence around two city lots in my back yard where the dogs go out for a few hours at a time when nobody…

ASKED BY Member 1153005 on 2/1/13
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Our goldie chases ONLY police cars - we can't figure out why - any suggestions?

ASKED BY Member 1129757 on 9/7/12
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My neighbor is abusing our dog, how can I keep her safe?

It has come to our attention that the neighbor we share our back fence with has been abusive to our dog when we are not home. This weekend he tore out…

ASKED BY Member 1108411 on 4/30/12
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Is it must to have license for dog? Can others complaint to official like police my dog is disturbing them by barking?

My dog barks for hours for no reason which my neighbors fight .I am afraid to talk to them thinking if they complain that my dog is disturbing them…

ASKED BY Member 807231 on 2/25/09
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