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06/06/2015 itch. tried benedryl, baby powder, corn startch,dog itch gel,people itch gel, no food change?

Baths with and without soap,no environmental change,no open wounds,no injuries,eating drinking pee and poop normal,15 years old, 10 pond Papillon…

ASKED BY Member 1247723 on 6/6/15
TAGGED itch, pain, crying, pleasehelpme IN Other Health & Wellness


How to make my puppy play?

I have just adopted a 3.5 Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppy (mixed with what, who knows, the rescue didn't even know if she is a legitimate Bernese or…

ASKED BY Sansa on 3/26/14
TAGGED play, puppy, toys, wrestle, tug, walks, fetch, please, help IN Exercise & Play

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Separation Anxiety: Our 7 year old jack russell/beagle mix barks for 2 hours after we leave- out of ideas?

We adopted this dog 18 months ago and have been dealing with his anxiety ever since. He is currently on Clomicalm which has helped as he is no longer…

ASKED BY Member 1198743 on 11/10/13
TAGGED barking, separationanxiety, pleasehelp IN Separation Anxiety


My dog has a red bump directly above his toe nail :((?

My dogs bump has a deep red color to it, and is growing hair. My mom said the bump has a "nose" to it . I guess she means the holes. I don't know…

ASKED BY Tyson on 5/29/13
TAGGED bump, lump, red, hair, infection, health, paw, paws, toe, nail, toenail, help, picture, please IN Illness & Disease


How do you decide to put a dog down?

My dog just tore her ACL then hurt her other hind leg. We are considering putting her down but nobody wants to.. they say its for the best but is it…

ASKED BY Mya on 12/23/12
TAGGED why, do, pets, need, to, die, so, soon, she, is, still, young, i, love, my, poor, baby, please, keep, her, in, your, prayers IN Illness & Disease


What should I do if my dogs leg is hurt the vet is out?

My dog Mya was running and triped and landed funny on her back left leg. now she wont walk on it or put pressure on it but she will walk on the…

ASKED BY Mya on 10/17/12
TAGGED dog, hurt, back, left, paw, please, help, woof IN Exercise

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I need help with a dog that is scared of cars and water immediatly?

My dog is an Australian Shepherd. She is two years old. I love her to death. We just got her last week. My dad uses her for his work. Thing is, she is…

ASKED BY Member 1133918 on 10/2/12
TAGGED water, cars, help, please, love, behavior, sweet IN Behavior & Training

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My dog has had a bump on her lower nipple for awhile now. It is about the size of a golf ball now. maybe a littlesmaller?

HELP, please. i love my dog dearly. how much would this cost to take to the vet, and what could it be. there is little bumps on the bump too. it is…

ASKED BY Member 1122997 on 7/28/12
TAGGED largebump, pleasehelp IN Health & Wellness

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