Should I add to the family of puppies?

I have a jug puppy and she's very playful and friendly. She almost 8 months old and I feel bad because she loves to play with other dogs and sometimes…

ASKED BY Jugs on 5/24/12
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I am looking for a PitBull or American Bulldog rescue in Georgia. Anyone have an organizations or websites?

I am planning on getting another Pit Bull or an American Bulldog. I have a Pit Bull mix at the moment and I have had an American Bulldog in the past…

ASKED BY Member 1004976 on 11/7/11
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I have a 7 year old Lhasa Apso who's mate passed away a few weeks ago. Should we get another dog to keep her company?

We originally had three dogs. The Lhasa being the youngest and always having fun playing with her mates. We need to be away from home on occasion…

ASKED BY Member 875744 on 9/12/09
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