TRAINING HELP? 3 month old puppy and two year old dog?

I recently rescued a second dog, she's about 3 months old. I understand potty training will be frustrating until she is about 6 months of age but…

ASKED BY Rex on 4/9/14
TAGGED potty, training, basic, leash, walks, lead, puppy, play, respect IN Behavior & Training


Is a second dog the answer?

We have a 10 month old (give or take) rescued pup. He is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. He is bursting with energy. We go for about an hour long walk…

ASKED BY Louie on 3/31/14
TAGGED hyper, playful, companion, seconddog IN Socialization


How to make my puppy play?

I have just adopted a 3.5 Bernese Mountain Dog mix puppy (mixed with what, who knows, the rescue didn't even know if she is a legitimate Bernese or…

ASKED BY Sansa on 3/26/14
TAGGED play, puppy, toys, wrestle, tug, walks, fetch, please, help IN Exercise & Play

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How do I stop my dogs collar being pulled of in play?

I on a 70 acre farm. The farm ha several other houses also on it, belonging to my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Literally our entire family…

ASKED BY Member 1211705 on 2/14/14
TAGGED collars, play, collar IN Behavior & Training

Lily Anne Grace

I don't have a yard and am wondering if I could use a long line leash to let my dogs play outside?

I live an apartment with 3 small dogs and have access to a courtyard but it's not completely fenced and is next to a busy road. My dogs love to play…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 10/24/13
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How can I get my dog to get along better with my friends new rescue dog?

I have a 5yr 75lb Boxer/Bulldog that is great with a lot of dogs and my friend just adopted a dog(45lb German Shep./Lab) from the rescue shelter…

ASKED BY Cooper on 10/16/13
TAGGED play, socialization, newdog, lunging, rescuedog, rescue IN Aggression


I need to figure out how to get my dog and a friends rescue dog to get along?

A good friend of mine adopted a German Shep. mix from a rescue yesterday and after a few hours we ran into some problems. We brought her dog, Parvati…

ASKED BY Cooper on 10/16/13
TAGGED fighting, play, help IN Health & Wellness

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My 2 Dogs Play Fight Constantly (One puppy is new, other is over a year - boy and girl)?

Hi, I have 2 dogs, a Victorian Bulldog (1yr 4months, female) and a new puppy I bought 3 days ago, who's a Bullmastiff (male, 14 weeks old). They…

ASKED BY Member 1194688 on 10/16/13
TAGGED bullmastiff, bulldog, playfighting, snapping IN Other Behavior & Training

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