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How to stop my 3 year old pit mix from attacking my 1 year old shepherd mix?

My boyfriend and I have a 3 year old female pit mix and a 1 year old male german shepherd mix. Today my boyfriend and i were laying on the couch and…

ASKED BY Member 1240606 2 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED aggression, pitbull, germanshepherd IN Aggression

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My 2 year old pitbull mix has some white discharge coming from her Vulva?

Her heat cycle was in early November, late October. Right now she's not in a lot of pain. She's energetic, bouncy, happy puppy. I'm getting worried…

ASKED BY Member 1239400 on 12/21/14
TAGGED whitedischarge, pitbull, health IN Other Health & Wellness

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Pitbull 2 1/2 yrs old. losing muscle mass in his chest, having trouble breathing - chest xrays ok - ANY suggestions?

2 1/2 yr old male pit - loosing muscle mass in neck and upper chest in last week. Very lethargic, some trouble standing but has good appetite and is…

ASKED BY Member 1239351 on 12/20/14
TAGGED illness, pitbull IN Illness & Disease

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What collar and harnesses for sensitive skin and odd body?

My dog (corgi-JRT i think) has very sensitive skin! he is practically bald under his armpits and every halter i've gotten him rubs. He is very oddly…

ASKED BY Member 1235684 on 10/14/14
TAGGED harness, collar, sensitive, skin, white, chafing, armpits, neck, barrelchested, long IN Skin Problems

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Need help stopping fights?

Hello Everybody, I need some advice to help stop my two dogs from fighting. First a little background. Our first pup named Loki, an American…

ASKED BY Member 1220458 on 4/5/14
TAGGED pitbull, fight, aggression, food, jealousy IN Aggression

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Why are people against pit bulls?

There are choke chains, electric collars, and spike collars just for them. People are scared to death of them because they are told bad things about…

ASKED BY Member 1218789 on 4/2/14
TAGGED pitbulls IN News & Events

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