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Dog wets himself when he thinks I'm telling him off - when I'm not…

Full story: I have two pomerianans. I've had the eldest since he was 6months old and he is now 2years 5months old. He's very well behaved and…

ASKED BY Member 1145567 on 12/17/12
TAGGED dog, puppy, shout, wee, piss, scared, worried, aggressive, pup, pomeranian, toldoff, pom, doggy, wethimself, wet IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Loose Stool on and off?

my dog has always had issues with loose stool. About month or two ago we switched her to grain free food and it hasn't helped. Her demeanor is fine…

ASKED BY Member 1074995 on 12/3/11
TAGGED diarrhea, loosestool, loosepoop, poopissues IN Other Health & Wellness

Elizabeth [Play in Peace]

My female Black Labrador Retriever tends to pee herself every time she falls asleep.…

First off, my dog is an outdoors dog. My other family members that live with me just won't let it slide with Elizabeth in the house. We used to let…

ASKED BY Elizabeth [Play in Peace] on 6/19/09
TAGGED peepisspeeingpissingsleep IN Health & Wellness

Elizabeth [Play in Peace]

My dog pees when she sleeps. Is just having a dream of going on a walk, or is she having a health problem?

After she got sick and nearly died from dog food during the scare(she's better now), she started peeing herself when she slept though now that I…

ASKED BY Elizabeth [Play in Peace] on 1/18/09
TAGGED bladder, piss, pee, sleep, dreams, dream IN Other Health & Wellness