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What is the best harness for a min pin?

My min pin has escaped from every harness I've tried. We are working on walking on a leash and when he pulls while wearing a regular collar, it chokes…

ASKED BY Member 1156358 on 2/21/13
TAGGED minpin, miniaturepinscher, harness, collar IN Collars & Leashes

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My Min Pin mix has a lump by his eye?

My Min Pin mix has a pea sized lump on the outside corner of his eye. It is not touching his eye or the eye lid. It has a rough exterior and it…

ASKED BY Member 1140990 on 11/16/12
TAGGED miniaturepinscher, lump, eye, rough, peasized IN Health & Wellness

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My 2 month old Carlin Pinscher is a little aggressive. Any help?

So i just adopted a 2 month old Carlin Pinscher and she just came in from Missouri last Saturday, November 3rd. She has a bit of a chewing problem…

ASKED BY Member 1139817 on 11/8/12
TAGGED chewing, angry, carlinpinscher, pup IN Aggression


What breeds do you think my dog Kira is mixed with?

My mixed breed dog Kira is a German pinscher mix. But what a mix? she has standing ears and a coiled tail I apologize for my bad english…

ASKED BY Kira on 2/10/12
TAGGED pinscher, mixedbreeds IN Mixed Breeds

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Does anyone have a Doberman or would like to share some information about them?

I have been thinking about gettng a Doberman. I definetley know I want another rescue pup. I would like to get another dog so my puppy Shadow could…

ASKED BY Member 1004976 on 10/18/11
TAGGED doberman, pinschers, breeds, adoption, purebred, mutt, male, information IN Doberman Pinscher

Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher

Merle, Brindle and Piebald Miniature Pinschers do exist. The Harlequin Pinscher Association is a registry that has shows?

I always come across people saying that there is no such thing as pure bred brindle, merle or piebald Miniature Pinschers. This is not true. It is a…

ASKED BY Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher on 7/17/11
TAGGED brindles, merles, piebalds, minpins, harlequins, miniaturepinscher, breeds, markings IN Miniature Pinscher


How often should I bathe my dog?

I don't know how often I should bathe my min pin. We live in Asia, where it's hot. I've been told that I should bathe her everyday or every other…

ASKED BY Chibi on 2/4/11
TAGGED bath, bathe, dog, puppy, minpin, miniaturepinscher, chibi, soap, water IN Grooming


When we take our Miniature Pinscher for rides in the car he always barks at every living thing. How can I stop this?

When we take our Miniature Pinscher for rides in the car he always barks at every living thing. How can I stop this? Vivaldi is a neutured 9 month old…

ASKED BY Vivaldi on 8/24/10
TAGGED bark, barking, car, miniature, pinscher IN Barking

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