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I want to help my puppy live but i don't have money to do blood work. what should i do?

my pet ate some of my liquid Advil and was throwing the day of and acting out of the ordinary. the next day he was starting to act normal again by…

ASKED BY Member 1238728 on 12/8/14
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My lab mix ate diet pills?

Hello, my lab mix (weighs 90-100 pounds) got into my dad's weight loss pills. The pill bottle wasn't even opened so there was 60 pills in there. I…

ASKED BY Member 1229577 on 7/16/14
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Dog won't eat pill: is not eating, vomits pill back up if she is forced to swallow it?

My dog is a 7 year old toy poodle who started violently throwing up and having diarrhea last night (about 17 hours ago). Her vomit is clear and has no…

ASKED BY Member 1182466 on 7/26/13
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Doxie with ivdd in her neck. ?

My doxie has a really bad possible case of ivdd. Issue is, it's not in her back like most dogs, it's in her neck. We've tried everything tonight to…

ASKED BY Member 1062162 on 10/8/11
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Are there pills for dogs?

My chihuahua has been VERY aggressive lately (see my latest question) and I was wondering if there was any pills that my vet could give me to give her…

ASKED BY Gia on 8/10/11
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Is it safe to give a small amount of peanut butter each day to aid in giving pills?

I've found the easiest way to give my chihuahua puppy his daily supplements is to hide them in a dab of peanut butter or stuff them in a small cube of…

ASKED BY Argon on 4/4/11
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We live in the mountains so we don't give our dog heart worm pills. However, we are going to the coast on Monday?

Do we need to give him the heart worm pill before we go or can he be given it when we get back? We will be gone 5 days.

ASKED BY Vladimir on 10/31/09
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